iXYt.info will tell you where to have fun and where to go in the morning, afternoon, or evening. It will help you find where to go and immediately buy tickets for performances, shows, concerts, cinema, premieres, events at discos or shows in clubs and more.

Do you think where to go today, this week or this month in the evening?

In the WHAT field of the form at the top of the page, you can enter the event you are interested in, be it a circus performance, opera, football, or a championship.

If, for example, there is no auction, business presentation, concert, holiday, meeting, tour, symphony, fireworks or festival, city holiday, carnival, quest, parade, fair, try entering a synonym in the field WHAT or rephrase request for promotional sales, ballet performances, city carnival, children's parties, concert evenings or chamber music concerts, for example.

Remember, if in the current time period (in the windows WHEN) jazz, rock, a seminar, or conference did not appear on the map, enter a request for other dates.

How to entertain or what to see, both in your home town and on another continent? Everyone is familiar with the situation when, when choosing a pastime, you have to go to different affiche sites, study endless lists of events, and at the same time keep in mind the distance to the desired event location. This requires a navigation site in addition. And if you are in a strange city with an unfamiliar topography, then the task becomes an extremely complicated one. And if, moreover, you are in a foreign country with an unfamiliar language, then the task becomes almost unsolvable.

iXYt.info - this is the solution!

ON HOLIDAY, ON TRIP, IN ANOTHER CITY, IN ANOTHER COUNTRY with UNKNOWN LANGUAGE you can use standard "Google" map supplemented by iXYt.info with the time axis: all cultural, scientific, sports events are placed directly on this map in markers with the ability to change the scale and their own movement in space and time. All this is “encrypted” in the name of the iXYt project: i - information; XY - coordinates on the map; t - date and time. Phonetics in all languages are the same - "IKZIT". In this case, it is possible to enter the desired parameters in the search fields to find out WHAT, WHERE and WHEN happens anywhere in the world.

Colored circles with numbers are clusters, groups of nearby events at their high density. The colors of the clusters reflect the number of events they contain. When you change the scale, large clusters fall apart into small ones, and so on up to single markers of specific events. When you click on such a marker, a full detailed description of the event appears with the ability to buy a ticket. When you hover over the marker, a sign appears with brief information about the corresponding event or event. The main source of information for placing markers on the ixyt website is actual and constantly updated databases of existing poster sites (aggregators), which, as a rule, willingly share this information with ixyt to increase their own sales. Currently, relevant partnership agreements have been concluded with major aggregators in Europe and America.

For the June 2024, we promoted 81427 of current events, for the July we can bring to your attention 67136. Our database is updated constantly and daily, for today it contains 232793 concerts, performances, tours, etc. up to 2999-01-01 00:00:00.

But even with the current number of events, it is easy to notice that the iXYt map remains fairly sparse. That is, the potential capabilities of our platform are tens of times higher, they can accommodate more than one million events, and we are working on it. Daher arbeiten wir gerne mit unseren lokalen Vertretern zusammen.

The main source of iXYt monetization is commission payments from the sale of tickets (approximately 1% of the price of tickets), they are not higher than the one of usual dealer ordinary ticket distributors, so it is unlikely that you will find SUCH the same tickets cheaper. Additional sources of our monetization: paid placement of announcements of small aggregators and sale of advertising platform features.

You can use iXYt.info in three languages: English, German and Russian (the checkbox in the upper right or en, de or ru after ixyt.info/ in the address. Minute comic animation - project description - available in 12 languages. The first word in the “WHAT” window is simultaneously a search keyword for any kind of the desired event in any of three languages.

Good luck and have a nice rest!

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