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Too Many Zooz

The curious thing about being a fan of Brasshouse? You’re pretty much talking about being into one solitary but extremely unforgettable band: the amusingly monikered Too Many Zooz. The musical style was “branded” by drummer King of Sludge, who recognized that there was no worthy existing classification for the New York trio, whose other two members are the equally unclassifiable Leo P. (saxophone) and Matt Doe (trumpet). “Brasshouse is a high energy musical conversation,” Matt insists. “Though I honestly don’t think there is a good way to describe it in words. It’s about many different feelings and sounds and emotions.” Or as KOS so decisively puts it, “I don’t really care about what’s happening in music - I just make art that I enjoy making.”


Brückenstraße 2, 68167 Mannheim, Deutschland


27.05.2022, 20:00 Ticket
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