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Jaws / Der weisse Hai

A Conversation with a Cultural Icon

"Jaws" is a striking example of a cultural turning point: Just when the so-called
counterculture seemed to finally dominate, preparations for a new era began.
The names Thatcher, Reagan and Kohl and the economic terms neoliberalism,
deregulation and privatization brought old values back to the fore and countered
the ideas of counterculture. After ten years of youthful optimism, but also of
mistrust, defeat and fear - Nixon and Watergate; defeat in the Vietnam War, oil
crisis and economic decline - "Jaws" showed a society banding together in the
face of a grave threat, recalling its old values and producing heroes again from
its midst.

Overfishing of the oceans and species extinction also threaten the shark
populations of our planet. In 1975, the great white shark had to serve as a
powerful metaphor, and the film´s worldwide mega-success led to decades of
demonization of an animal species. Using performative means - acting, dance,
music, game show - "Jaws" examines a cultural icon for its (then) critical content
and its (dwindling) relevance for a new view of things.

Premiere: 21 September 2022 / 8pm
Additional Performances: 22 - 24 / 28 September – 1 October | 8pm


Fidicinstraße 40, 10965 Berlin, Deutschland


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